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Net/Gross weight: 136 /148 kgs 

Packing size: 223x129x16.5cm/87.8"x50.8"x6.5"(Half K/D)

Amount per container: 20'/60pcs, 40'/126pcs, 40'HQ/144pcs

Table size: 214.5x121.5x82cm /84.5"x47.8"x32.2"

Playfield: 18mm thickness,186x93cm MDF with PVC on both sides, covered by red polyester cloth

Faceplate: 36mm thickness MDF

Aprons: 80x40mm Rectangle shaped hollow steel frame

Legs: 80x80mm rectangle shaped hollow Metal legs

Dining table top: 15mm thickness MDF with Melamine board on both sides (The reverse side with stiffener)

Cues: 2pcs,145cm (Separable)

Pool balls: 1set, Ф57.2mm 

Triangle: 1pc

Chalks: 2pcs

Brush: 1 pc

Structural characteristics: The frame of table is steel.