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Net/Gross weight: 103/113 kgs

Packing size: 222x126x24.8cm/87.5"x49.6"x9.8" (Half K/D)

Amount per container: 20'/39pcs, 40'/83pcs, 40'HQ/92pcs

Table size: 216x122x79cm/85"x48"x31"

Playfield: 18mm thickness, 188x94cm MDF with PVC on both sides, covered by green wool cloth

Faceplate: 36mm thickness MDF with HPL outside and aluminium alloy strip

Aprons: 15mm thickness, 18cm wide MDF with PVC on surface (plastic corner piece at joint place)

Legs: 735x678x146mm MDF with PVC on both sides (with plastic corner piece at joint place)

Face corner piece: BI-02I (Metal electroplating)

Cues: 2pcs, 145 cm (Separable)

Pool balls: 1set, Ф57.2mm 

Triangle: 1pc

Chalks: 2pcs 

Brush: 1 pc (Wooden)

Structural characteristics: Return the ball automatically