Net/Gross weight: 110/125 kgs

Packing size: 230x129x29.5cm/90.6"x50.8"x11.6"(Half K/D)

Amount per container: 20'/35pcs,40'/73pcs,40'HQ/82pcs

Table size:221x119.5x81cm/87"x47"x32"

Playfield: 205x103.5cm,21mm thickness MDF with HPL on both sides

Faceplate: Metal surface

Aprons: 18mm thickness, 21cm wide MDF with Melamine board on both sides

Legs: 100x150mm Rectangle shaped hollow Metal legs

Air blower: HA-01

Puck: BT-02C 2pcs& BT-02G 2pcs

Pusher: BU-02A 2pc

Package material: 7-layer corrugated carton, 7-layer corrugated cardboard corner protection,wooden corner protection, 5-layer inner corrugated boxs